A visit to the local temples is a must for those who seek the cultural aspect of the Island.

The Pulaki Temple is a shrine to worship the greatness of Sanghyang Widhi (almighty God) and is inhabited by many monkeys. The temple is flocked throughout the day by Hindu people due to its religious importance in the Balinese belief system. Right across Temple Pulaki, is the Pabean temple which is situated in front of the sea and guests can enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Nearby is one of the most beautiful temples in Bali, Pura Melanting, situated within a green valley below picturesque hills.

We can assist our dear guests with a temple tour. We will provide transportation, local traditional temple dress, and a guide to provide some of the rich history of these temples. For Temple Tour arrangements, please contact our staff in the lobby.

Traditions in this remote part of the island are well kept and ceremonies regularly take place here. Often you will hear traditional music. For the daring ones, we encourage our guests to follow the music and attend these local ceremonies as Balinese people are very friendly and consider it an honor to have guests whether it is wedding, or the birthday of a baby (ceremonies take place at the age of 3,6 months and 1or 2 years), or a traditional funeral (procession along the village, cremation and offering of the ashes in the sea).

In your afternoon free spare time, guests can take a walk in the village just across Taman Selini. Guests will witness a traditional way of living, with kids playing in the fields, and the grownups busy in their agricultural activities or just relaxing and greeting you with warm smiles.