In 2011, Taman Selini began making its own bread products for its guests. Its success has translated to supplies for most hotels in the area. Our staff has been trained to make baked goods by a French chef using only the best materials. Soon the hotel will launch the only bakery shop in the North West of Bali, with original West European recipes for delicious deserts, cakes, and patisseries.

The hotel is moving in the direction of creating a small wellness center that can positively create a small difference for our guests in their visits. The project will be initiated with the completion of the hotel’s new expansion area to accommodate larger areas of blissful gardens.

Quite a few of our fresh ingredients for Taman Selini come from our own farm, and we are expanding the variety of produce to provide ever fresher materials and eventually make a greenhouse to provide vegetables and fruit all year round. Soon we will be able to provide fresh and organic poultry as well.

These are small steps towards providing a steady environment of growth and development in Taman Selini’s small and unique world.